ZooSafary Thoiry

ZooSafary Thoiry

The agency supports the zoo in its ambition to make the park the benchmark for multi-experience nature activities and animal welfare.


The idea:

Opened in 1968 and already a visionary of a new way of living the zoological experience (men in cages, animals in the wild), Thoiry now needs to refresh itself and offer customer experiences that are specific to its trademark.

The mission : 

The agency redefined Thoiry’s platform in order to imagine a series of experiences that would fulfil the promise of experiencing nature in an authentic way. First act: opening in May 2021: accommodations that offer an immersive night-time nature experience with wolves, coyotes, bears and North American bison.

How :

Adventurous guests are welcomed into the « Ranger’s Hut » to be equipped and briefed on their nighttime experiences. A large convivial table, cosy corners, an accessory shop and the briefing corner are the necessary stop-off points before joining one of the 20 cabins on stilts called « Tanières”. Equipped with a 2m x 2m bed, two warm duvets, toiletries, a backpack that includes night vision goggles, a dynamo lamp and other accessories, the adventure can finally begin. The agency co-wrote the program, designed the layout and sourced the small details that guarantee a memorable experience.

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