The new brand Comet Meetings offers companies to rent inspiring spaces dedicated to active, reactive, creative and interactive meetings and seminars.
The agency help Comet Meetings in searching for their name, conceiving its positioning, its customers journey, creating the branding applied in space along with its communication supports.


The on site experience is the reflection of the brand promise: Real Meeting Spaces ; Comet is idea booster. Everything is thought and structured to optimize efficiency. Every detail strengthen the ability for the visitors to share, to be creative and to focus.


A customers journey conceive with a very fluid ergonomics.

The efficiency being the main focus, Generous developed branded rituals in order to fully optimize how time is used throughout the experience. From booking a space online to being reminded of the essential information once on site to finding one’s way inside the building.


A detail-oriented furniture design.

Being committed to improve customers efficiency means being able to prove it on every contact point of the customers journey. Generous designed iconic furnitures to underline this commitment : a welcome desk, a connected console, and cellphones charging stations.
The welcome desk is designed with simplicity to allow the Comet teams to welcome clients with warmth and naturalness (without any queues). The console’s design allow to gather every essential tools needed for a meeting thus optimizing time management. Charging stations not only offer an essential service for the customers but encourages the meeting members to disconnect and optimize their focus.


Communication supports and COMET experience.

Generous designed and développer multiple communication supports in order to provide Comet’s customers with a simple, clear and concrete experience.
Therefore, space maps, individual passports highlighting wifi codes and practical tips, eco-cups, small postal cards to bring home, pencils and notebooks are all tools providing customers – in addition with a powerful branded signage – with time savings and convenience while broadening the expression range of the brand COMET.

Project carried out in partnership with Artdesk Group for the architecture.

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